The Well-Tempered Writer

In his introduction to The Writer’s Digest Handbook of Short Story Writing, Volume II, John Updike says this: “In fiction everything that searchers for the important tend to leave out is left in, and what they would have in is left out.” It is a substantial statement, and one difficult to parse without context.

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Being A Writer

There is nothing so deceptively difficult as writing. It lures you in with images of words flying, pages stacking higher, blissful creation. And sometimes it is that. But more often it is like wading through quicksand with a dead body cast over each shoulder. In those moments, one learns what it means to be a […]

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Messy, Dirty Writing

Writing–the spilling out of that first draft–can be messy, dirty, offensive, embarrassing. This should not stop us from doing it. We should do it eagerly, without shame, not stopping to worry about the mess we’re making or what others may think. It needs to happen. It should happen. So go ahead. Dump that shit all over the page. I guarantee you’ll feel better.

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